What Makes Us Unique.

NYEM specialize in buying non performing real estates notes in NYC, investing in acquiring and developing properties . Seeing an opportunity during the housing crisis, NYEM began investing in distressed properties in upcoming high value properties in Brooklyn. We quickly began building luxury multi family homes that soon led to condo development. Our residential projects raise the standard of living not only by creating but also to maintain and restore a sense of community and establishing thriving neighborhoods. Our longstanding commitment to developing our talented team and maintaining our core values and reputation for quality, integrity, reliability, and will ensure the long-term growth and success of our vision.

Our Services


Current tenants can make changes to profile, contact info, make payments and check status of tenant ledger.


All buildings and properties are maintained around the clock to provide uninterrupted service and care.


Tenants can report any problems in their unit/building. All submissions open a repair request to both property manager and super.

Meet the Team

Michael Kandinov

Michael Kandinov

Founding Member

(347) 346-9600

Leo Yakubov

Leo Yakubov

General Counsel

(347) 346-9601